Mordrelle Wines, Hahndorf South Australia, Adelaide Hills, 2014, Syrah – 1127

Mardrelle Shiraz 2014 label description
Mardrelle Shiraz 2014 bottle
Mardrelle Shiraz 2014 front label


Deep ruby red with brick shades with good consistency and silky thick alcohol drops.

Nose: woooow!

Roses, dry balsamic roses, honey and blackcurrant jam with a eucalyptus balsamic note. Slightly gentle alcohol which is leaving the glass just 5 minutes later the bottle was opened. The nose is soo elegagant with long strawberries balsamic minty and slightly notes of coffee.


Straight after-taste of toffee, coffee again, which it seems to be an evolution of the black currant super concentrated, cloves and leather. The tongue components are really interesting actually not resembling a common Australia wine, apart the body obviously. Aged tannin as first with a long enough bite, followed by a silky alcohol which at this temperature (24) is bit preponderant but not exaggerated and especially, balanced in regard others part of the wine taste. Acidity with lively lower tones coming as third and the bitterness which have been following the tannin and the alcohol but subtle enough to be noted only at the end.

Food match:

I generally do not advise to have hard cheeses with red wines due the bitterness which combined make both unpleasant however I have to say that with this wine you are fine, actually some of the tannin tones in the wine are matching well even for a spicy black peppery pecorino. (surprise – surprise!) As other match I found really interesting duck liver pate with this wine… it seems to be at the same level and both are agreeing on aromaticity, the duck liver pate has a longer finish but, generally at that stage you already had another bite. Actually all three are working well together.

By the way I have been chilling down the wine at 21 degrees and now it seems slightly more harmonic.  

31/12/2018 03:00 PM

The wine, after almost one day of opening time, is still tight, the three main characteristics are still easily perceivable even though the oxidation process has begun leaving some traces of extra acidities on the palate.

Pretty decent anyway.   

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