24 years of Work in Hospitality. Reflections…

During this time of seeking documents and making preparations for my visa application, I had a chance to see all my past worksheets for the last 24 years; I saw my first employer payslip and the last job too, all of them with the times and hours worked.

Looking back over all this time, I find it ridiculous how much time I have actually dedicated simply to working; and just how much time of my private time I have also dedicated to solving other problems or serving other people with their needs.

Why I have done it?

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Why Hospitality in South Australia “Doesn’t work”! Second part – Customers’ requirements

There is a common adage in Italian which says: Paese che vai! Usanze che trovi! (Any country you go to you will find different people’s  habits)  In English, its equivalent would be:  when in Rome do as the Romans do!

Regardless the exact translations of these sentences, the meaning is pretty clear for both. Wherever you go, the mores are different and, acceptance of those is the beginning of any sort of integration and success.

As a professional in Hospitality, I work with people every day and I am completely aware of these customs, however as a professional foreigner I also feel the obligation to provide my contribution in my sector of work, and I tend to observe my customers and other businesses in order to understand them better.  I’ve then realised some of the locals’ habits have a negative impact upon the hospitality sector in its integrity and evolution.

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