Pour over – Fascinating coffee brewing Techique

As I have been showing in some posts before there are different ways of brew and extract flavors from the ground coffee beans. Many of those techniques are relegate to regional areas and some others are internationally recognized and used from professional and none. One of the popular trends is Pour over Coffee technique originally created in Germany from Melitta Benz in 1908 and consequently adopted in the late 1930’s in Japan. Now available in many cafe and coffee roastery all over the planet. Continue reading “Pour over – Fascinating coffee brewing Techique”

Why Hospitality in South Australia “Doesn’t work”! First part – Labour force


It is now a couple of years I am working and living in South Australia, I am working within the business of Hospitality as Manager and I have 25 years experience in the field. I am working in a café and cellar door in the countryside where I had the chance to deal with all problems correlated with the local industry and its stakeholders.

Hospitality in South Australia does not work!

Why and how could we fix it!?

Three are the main motives of this situation:

  1. Labour force motivation
  2. Customers’ requirements
  3. Food environment

I would like to discuss with you the labour force motivation in the post below,  stay tuned for the remanent three coming plus conclusion and solutions.    Continue reading “Why Hospitality in South Australia “Doesn’t work”! First part – Labour force”