Third Time Lucky – Speciality Coffee – South Australia

Third Time Lucky Coffee Visit – Speciality Coffee

To start, I had a Flat-white coffee served with the house coffee blend. (a mix of different origins); milk was silky and not too hot, and the coffee has given notes of cocoa, and enough bitterness to please the local palate.

Note: I am not used to having coffee with food, and while not an international breakfast eater, I think I grasped the “why” behind black coffee and eggs in the morning.

Then, as curious of a newly discovered food pairing match, I had a Geisha, washed from Honduras in a v60 format. paired with a couple of pouched eggs, with bread, and pan-fried champignon mushrooms.

The Geisha has a subtle caramel scent at the nose but its strength is the balance at the mouth, where the citrusy characteristic from the “process” is available but not invasive, bitterness still presents and good consistency at the palate.

With the poached eggs and mushroom, both the v60 coffee and the food are enhanced. The greasy-ness of the butter on the bread and the sweetness of the eggs balance the bitterness and acidity of the coffee, and the eggs aroma benefits greatly from the coffee adding complexity. The hint of natural sweetness from the coffee, which lies on the tip of your tongue after a sip pairs well with the crunchy caramelized bread flavour.

Unexpected match, really harmonious.

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