Bink – Grenache 2018 Sergent J. Natural Wine

Wine tasting 22/05/2020 INTRODUCTION

Opening time 18:41

Interesting natural wine produced in Barossa valley by a somm/winemaket from Belgium:  @Koen Janssens.

The wine is a 2018 vintage, Grenache variety sourced from a 100 years old vineyard in Barossa..

In terms of natural wines, has said from Koen, all the job is done in the vineyard while in the winery no much, apart preserve the quality of the grapes and fine-tune the product. No Tartaric Acid, no Citric Acids, no Protein, no Enzymes, no Woodchips added, only a bit of carbonic sulfur to stabilize the wine and a bit of aging in 10 years old barrels for smooth down the tannins.

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