Cabernet Malbec 2016 Clare Valley – Jeanneret Wines

During my recent visit at Clare Valley I visited Jeanneret Wines and had the chance to taste some of their new products.
Cabernet Malbec 2016.

Ruby red with purple shades

Cabernet Malbec 2012 _ Janneret Wines – Claire Valley

2:53 pm open – milky acid at the nose

3:00 pm – nose: floweral and unripe plum – still milky

3:07 pm – nose cherry fruit, red stone fruits, milky acid is gone.

3:15 pm READY – taste: alcoholic, tannic with good sourness, dry.

After taste of plum, cherry jam or Guangdong fruit, dry purple figs, hint of chocolate.


Food match: charcoal grilled kebabs, (veggies, lamb, pork sausages and chicken.)


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