Bulgaria Travel Adventure 3th Day. Ljubliana Belgrade

Third day of travel. Leaving Ljubljana heading to Belgrade in Serbia passing through Croatia. 567km in 7 hours

16/05/2016 Third day: Trip from Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Belgrade (Serbia)

Leaving Ljubljana early in the morning was a good idea for prevent arrival stress but, I also had to travel all the morning with an average external temperature of 11 C° and that means below the zero driving a motorbike. Slovenia is really nice and green country, hills, plateau and forests are the main landscape and highway can be fun to drive with a motorbike. Petrol has an average price of ? 1.20 per litre.


Cross the Croatia?s borders was easy and credit cards are accepted anywhere. Petrol is same like Slovenia and highway  has a relatively expensive toll (10 Euros for all trip). Debit card are accepted anywhere; land scape is not the best but is ok.


About the Serbian borders no many problems too? just slower process (due to the passport check)

About Belgrade:

Get ready to the traffic and the streets complexity, I was lucky to find my hostel straight away and dedicate myself to visit the City in the afternoon. Belgrade is not so clean as Ljubljana but is far away more busy so you can feel the Capital?s vibe. Serbian is a quite interesting culture unfortunately my tour is not dedicated to this country, maybe next time!

Food: Finally I had a dinner out, pleasant experience with right price for the location.

Expense: Petrol: 41.75 Street toll: 11.73 Food: 20.88  Accommodation: 12 = Total 86,36

 Km:576 time: 7 hours

I am usually not like travel like that but I had to skip all Croatia to be able get in Belgrado right time so I’ll save it for next time.

 Feelings about Belgrade: What was the feeling to stay there!? Belgrade is a big city, bigger than what seems required for the Serbian country. I felt nostalgich overthere… Belgrade was the capital to the Yugoslavian nation… slavs land. I have heard about it in Ljubljana but I do not know enough to say something. Only feelings… Serbian seems a proud people and city still showing some scars.


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