Bulgaria Travel Adventure 4th Day. Belgrade (Serbia) Odorovtsi (Bulgaria)

17/05/2016 Fourth day: Belgrade (Serbia) to Odorovtzi (Bulgaria) Travel from Serbia to Bulgaria was not so difficult since I hit the Bulgarian borders and streets. Due to the poor conditions to the country side streets andalso some huge renovations program Europe is undertaking I had few panicking moment with my Moto Guzzi. Fortunately nothing serious, just another experience!


Land scape in Bulgaria is more lush and bucolic wile spring is generous and greenish over here.

On my way I stoped to the Kastra Martis Fortress near to Vidin. Its construction is related to the history of Bulgarian lands during the Roman and the Early Byzantine Age /1st ? 4th century.

For the accommodation I decided to stop and visit my mother Angela Arrigoni in Zona Divo ?Wild Zone?. It is really unknown Farm holiday near to Brussartsi so location is not easy to find check really carefully map If you do not want get lost in to the Bulgarian Country side.

Expense: Petrol:  22.88  Street toll:  2.68 Food: 5  Accommodation: 10 Total: 40.56

Km: 381  Time: 7 hours

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