Semillon Beldford 2011, Tyrrell’s Wines – Hunter Valley

Wine tasting date 14/11/2018 – Starting time 20:23 Wine temperature: 9 degrees.Cork: We dealed with a good quality screw-cap. little notes of vinegar.




Look: A beautiful golden yellow with deep amber color and straw yellow shades. Colours which are suggesting the wine is moving from his maturity to its aged stage.


Smell: propolis, honey, orange, orange peel, flint, pear, sugarcane, quince apple.

Palate: good minerality and sourness which are playing a double game in the palate, minerality is the first feeling to touch the tongue while sourness follows just a few seconds after.

This is a medium body white wine with a palate tending on the hard section on the tongue. perfect for food pairing but not an easy wine for novice people so better save it for passionate and connoisseurs.

Food match: Hard or semi-hard cheeses, wholemeal bread with pancetta and rosemary leaves. Bake potatoes cocottes with anchovies and raclette cheese or quails wrapped in pancetta sage and grilled cheese. For who knows them a serve of Valtellina’s Pizzoccheri served as per tradition.

Opening time and temperature annotations.

10 degrees 20:45.

Much more minerality perceived in the wine, a process of softening is in action.

11 degrees  20:58 there is the ground zero where is better to stop. After this level, hardnesses are starting to be unpleasant and softness are not increasing into the palate.

13 degrees 21:12 the wine, especially the palate against the previous previsions has increased its balance at the palate while the nose as decreased its intensity, you may expect to enjoy this wine at room temperature.

However, this will be possible only with the appropriate audience.

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