Alcoholic Ginger beer Tasting

14-15-16 11 2018

Tasting of three different alcoholic Ginger beer commonly available on Hallett Cove shopping centre Bottle shop.

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer crafted in Edinburgh 500 ml 4.0% volume

Intense ginger beer with a bitter palate, two are the main distinctive flavours’ sections, a beery bitter taste and the ginger aromaticity, both recognizable. Body pretty intense resulting less harmonic with a lack of finesse adding final propolis scents.   AU $8.00

Ginger Joe alcoholic Ginger Beer produced from Stone’s 1740 London. 8.0% volume

Starting from the gold colour of this drink is easy to understand the body and product complexity, characteristic from an aged and smoothness and homogeneity of the flavours. The first liquid appeal is the palate’s intense sourness, followed by an interesting liquorice and spiciness flavours which are ending in the classic ginger spicy flavour and a subtle soapy and jasmine flower scents. The final back palate taste is really fruity and spicy with a consistency that makes it almost viscose. Plenty of flavours, liquorice, jasmine, dry apricot, spicy ginger, gooseberry and some lychee fruit flavour. AU $8.00

Lick Pier Ginger Beer 660 ml 4.0% volume

The pale yellow colour is a sign of light flavours. Its palate is slightly sugary with vanilla and citruses scents, characteristic ginger spiciness hidden under a persistent level of sugar. It is more like a soft drink than a ginger beer.  AU$ 8.50



Matso’s Broome Brewery 330 ml 3.5% volume

Cloudy white yellow (pear juice style) with spicy balsamic and herbaceous smell (ginger and rosemary), quite aggressive CO2 with an accentuate minerality and sourness. which left the palate with a long final bitterness end a hint of sweetness. I had a lot of sticky salivation after a couple of sips while an unpleasant aroma of mould or rancid has invaded my palate. Tasting has been stopped after the third sip due to these suspicious defects.


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