Bulgaria, 1 month traveling experience with my Moto Guzzi

Hello Every one. Welcome to my last project/trip. 1 month, 5000 km, 1500 euro. Travelling all over Bulgaria with my Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro.

This project is dedicate to share and communicate beutiness to the Bulgarian country, rural life and the Eco Adventures under developing eco-network.

No booking was made, no planning was done I started it in Italy and ended in Italy. Every thing I found on my why I found on interne on news paper or speaking with other travellers like me. Some time trip was fine, some other not but this is what happen when you. Travel adventurously .

Trib Bergamo – Ljubljana 2016

14/05/2016 First day: Trip from Bergamo (Italy) to Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Travelling from Bergamo to Ljubljana was, considering the street condition, good and expensive.

Italian country side is beautiful but would be a really long trip to hit your destination with not using high way. Considering Italian petrol prices be careful where you are going to get it. Variation can be from 1.40 to 1.70 ? depending where you are stopping to.

Slovenia is really green and nice to travel, unfortunately the rain made my journey less pleasant and to get late in Ljubljana stressed me out to find accommodation. Slovenian wines are a plus to ejoy douring your stay.

Time: 7 hours    Km: 504

Expense: Petrol: 46.21 – Street toll: 30.30 – Food: 9.50 Accommodation in Slovenia: 18 = Total 104.01

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