Soylent food Surrogate

One of last motive why people is aware about pollution and environmental problem is connected to food quality.

Food quality is the “one” motive about people healthiness. But what could be happening if we do not need it anymore.

Soylent Food surrogate 2

Every body we know ” you are what you eat ” but with Soylent there is not need to be worried anymore, because we can build up our food just mixing a powder andย  us alive and healthy.

Of course we need to lose pleasure to eat but, if food is going to be expensive maybe!??

“…we’ll have a real meal per week…” I can see this sentence become comune in poor families and for homeless people.

Isn’t that bad!?

Maybe not, maybe is good for some, but…


What will happen to the crops fields and all the environment is growing all round the food production?

The concept of clean environment is considerate fondamental for quality food but if we get habit to have food surrogates what will happen to what we do not need anymore!?

What will happen to the clean environment philosophy that is already struggling to emerge in this age?


Here some scenarios

“Fresh” food will become more expensive and we’ll slowly lose habit to eat it. Getting ready to live on the moon… ๐Ÿ™‚

“Cheap” food won’t be needed anymore there will be more space for forrest and wild animals… ๐Ÿ™‚


Let me know what you think about.

And wile you think about enjoy this advertising video…

…it is fun.

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