Stoke Newington Farmers Market driven by Growing Communities London (only english)

Interesting products from local farmers. Seasonally speaking they have salads, some veggie but of course just the seasonal ones. (zucchini, spring onions, mushroom)

Positive: The salads quality is good, rocket fabulous and this is the first market I see with some mushroom that they are not just Champignon. Some stands with daily made food and bread loaves. Organic chocolate (I would be curious to understand what they mean for “organic” in this case), fishes and the inevitable Coffee machine for who want some.

Negative: Bee seasonal mean that you do not find everything that you have the habit to buy, so for example, no apples, pears, oranges, this factor force you to organise a second shopping time for satisfying your habit. Price… of course, “organic” word make the price higher than the counterpart.  17 pounds for a bunch of salads, zucchini, spring onion, bread and mushrooms are a price that just a foodie can effort to pay.

Walking in it I felt a bit of Hippie atmosphere!

Final consideration. If you are living close to Hackney central this is a good option to contribute to the “Local and Seasonal” movement. Having good seasonal products to improve your weekly grocery but if you leave far from the location, you won’t come back. Too many efforts for it.

I am personally looking for something near where I live.

Interesting option to week Growing Communities organic fruit and veg box.

But remember you have still to collect it from one to the different shops on Hackney.

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