Alexandra Palace, the park and The London festival of railway modelling 2013 (ENGLISH)

Sunday generally is a day to dedicate your passions. The railway modelling was one of my childhood and I have to say thanks to one of my mother’s partner if I discovered it.

When I heard about this event I decide to come over and have a look.

…After more than 15 years I could say that I am not any more passionate. Too many trains, layout, a mini railway, lights, mini tools e everything that you need for build up a beautiful trains track in your home… for enjoy it I would need the younger soul of my son.

What is really interesting to me is the location. Alexandra Palace. “The people’s palace”, name bit Chinese’s style I could say.

Built-in 1873 as a public centre of recreation and still used for hold, public events and fairs. I am slightly surprised as I am Italian and I am not used to seeing something used for what it was designed for!

It is located in North London, in an area between Hornsey, Muswell Hill and Wood Green.

In 1936 it became the BBC’s headquarters with its huge antenna, and now where it holds an exhibit for original historical television equipment.

The building stands in Alexandra Park an 80 hectares park where you can find a pitch and putt course, a boating lake, skate park, deer enclosure, weekly Farmer’s Market and a dance school…

…and at the moment a lot of snow.



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