London Underground’s 150th anniversary – 150 di metropolitana di Londra e nel mondo

London Underground’s 150th anniversary

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On 9 January 2013, London Underground celebrated 150 years since the first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway.

London Underground, in partnership with London Transport Museum is celebrating with a range of events and activities throughout 2013. The events will explore the Tube’s history and look at the role it will play in the future – both in the lives of Londoners and the economy of the City and the UK. Go one to read here

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Steam and Heritage train outings – SOLD OUT


On Sunday 13 and 20 January 2013, the newly restored Met Locomotive No. 1 is making a special journey, bringing steam back to the line to celebrate the opening of the world’s first underground. Met Locomotive No. 1 will pull the beautifully restored Metropolitan Railway ‘Jubilee’ carriage No. 353 (built 1892) and the Chesham set of coaches, on loan from the Bluebell Railway. Metropolitan Railway electric locomotive No. 12 ‘Sarah Siddons’ will also form part of this train.


Met Locomotive No. 1, the Metropolitan Railway ‘Jubilee’ carriage No. 353 and Sarah Siddons will take part in a number of heritage runs across the network throughout 2013. Carriages will be made up of a variety of rolling stock.

The word Metropolitan  means “of the metropolis” that came from ancient greek metèr=mother and polis=city/people. The first line was named from the company’s name that builded the line. The Metropolitan Railway Companyin in the 1863.

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