Commune of Buttons – Chardonnay Clover 2018 – Unfined Unfiltered Wine from Adelaide Hills – SA

Colour: slightly cloudy with straw yellow and golden yellow shades.

Nose: “As many of natural wines, the nose take a second more to be processed”
Good minerality, pear, orange, apricot, a bit of pineapple. Pear is probably the most recognizable, which moves in pear cider.
It is not biscuity as I was expecting considering the 7 months of aging on lees.

Palate: the balance goes into the hardnesses, but not in a negative way… acidity and minerality are the first feelings you get, softens alcohol and polyalcohols are “buttery” coming after. A wine that works great with food.

Food pairing: looong list
Fish: anchovies, white bite, garfish pen fried or battered, no tuna…. too much minerality.
White meat? Lapin a la moutarde… Rabbit
Pasta? Ravioli batter and sage, pumpkin ravioli, fresh creamy pasta with mushrooms, parsley, garlic, or bacon with potatoes and pancetta.

No required opening time and 10 degrees temperature of service.

Thank you and enjoy it!

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