Prieto Picudo from Matriarch & Rogue – Clare Valley SA

Opening time 7:44 PM, poured and set in the glass untouched for a list of 20 mins, but still not ready.


Ruby red with purple shares, with good narrow and slow alcohol legs definitely a good body.


Blackberries, green leaves, chocolate and/or licorice.


Definitely a wine with body, is not the shiraz shiraz, but it resembles the stile. Immediately at the palate, this wine goes down pretty well. It has good acidity and tannins are present and young.
The wine results balanced at the palate lively and easy to drink even the full body.


A balanced and harmonic wine, look, nose and taste are matched. This is a self-standing wine as many Australia wines are that can work also with food, due to its acidity and youth…
A negative point for me… just a lack of complexity. It could be aged to solve the issue, but it doesn’t require it to be consumed.

NOTE: I have been left a bit deluded as I was expecting the variety to be more characteristic and unique.

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