Grand Casino – (MO) Montepulciano 2016 – Riverland SA


Ruby red with granite shades hidden under an unfiltered cloud with good consistency and a 14  alcohol, nice and shiny surface with good polyphenols.


Cherry, red flowers, anchovies, cloves bit of wild blackcurrant, a bit of green like red capsicum and/or bush berries like black currant, a hint of spice cloves.


You can taste it unfolds, with high tenor of alcohol. First scent is the bitterness from the long skin contact/unfiltered.

Some back scents of wood, mogano, alcohol helps to counterbalance and the lively acidity makes your palate salivate.

Food Match:

Wine moving on the hardnesses, so a wine for winter dishes.
Bean soup (pancetta based), Zampone with lentils (pig trotter)
Ossobuco, Salamella with Polenta and lentils.

This wine is ready almost straight away and the temperature in the bottle is fineā€¦ (21) warmer probably would lose its balance.  


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