The other Right – Pinot Noir 2019 – Adelaide Hills

The characteristic nose of pinot noir with unusual yeasts, rose soap, alcohol, with a hint of lavender and caramel.


It is a fermented juice, pinot noir fermented juice. Acidity is the king of the hill, while the bitterness coming from the tannins is green and intense in the beginning, softnesses are subtle and not intense enough to create a balanced palate… however, still working well with food.

Does it sound horrible!? No, it doesn’t! But expect something bit more sincere, after all, wine is a fermented juice!

Food Match?

Steak tartar with soft egg yolk, capers, onion, mustard, black pepper, salt… mix all and add an extra drop of olive oil. I might avoid anchovies for this round…

Steak Tartar


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